SAT Report Creation


How to create a report for the Surgical Audit Tool using Letter Writer.

1.     Ensure you have installed the Surgical Audit Tool.

2.     Ensure you are using your live database (the SAT is not available to the sample database supplied with MedicalDirector Clinical).

3.     Open a patient's record.

4.     From within the Clinical Window, select the SAT tab.


5.     Record an Operation. Enter details for the operation and add procedures as necessary.

6.     From within the Clinical Window, open the Letter Writer.

7.     Create a new, blank template.

8.     Within the new blank template, create a SAT Procedure Sub-Report template using Procedure fields from the Data Toolbar. A possible example of such follows;


9.     Save the template, naming it 'SAT Procedure Sub-report'.

10.  Within Letter Writer, create a new blank letter.

11.  From within the Data Toolbar, double-click any fields from within the Operation set you wish to add to your letter. If there are multiple operations to select from for this patient, the Select Operation window will appear.

Note: The next step involves select data fields for the procedure(s) involved in the operation. If you want to display all procedures for this patient (not just those associated with a given operation), do not select an operation from this window - just click instead.


12.  If you have performed more than one procedure for the patient the Select Procedure window will now appear.

o       If you specified an operation in Step 11 the Select Procedure window will only display those procedures associated with the selected operation. Otherwise it will display all procedures for all operations for the patient.

o       If you select a procedure before selecting an operation, the Select Operation window will not appear afterwards, as it is assumed that the operation in question is that related to the procedure you selected.


13.  Create the remainder of your report, an example of which is below.


14.  Now, place your mouse cursor where you would like to insert the SAT Procedure Sub-report you created earlier. In the example above, the Sub-report will sit beneath the heading 'Procedure Details'.

15.  Locate and double click the Procedure Sub-report - Practice entry in the Operation set of the Data Toolbar. Your letter becomes populated with data from the sub-report. Save or Print your letter, as normal.